Success Stories

We have done our best not to provide answers to questions not yet asked, while letting you know that for most situations you are facing and will face in the future, we have been there before you have. It should be clear that we do not arrive on the scene with preconceived ideas, notions or intent. With that in mind a few, very brief samples of some situations we have faced and conquered may be helpful in understanding more about what we do. Some actual assignments including the company's situation upon engaging the organization and the results when our job concluded are:

The path to success is not easily defined, but once it has been achieved
it can be understood and applied in different environments."

At the beginning of this assignment, the company had cash on-hand sufficient to cover 35 days expenses and no orders for its products in-house. The Board was considering bankruptcy as its only viable option. This was a company whose stock had peaked at over $40 per share during the boom in the late 90s, but was saddled with a share worth $0.04 when we entered the picture.

Despite these challenges, the company eventually was stabilized. With the downward spiral halted, the Board sold substantially all assets for three times market cap and negotiated retention of all employees except the CEO and CFO by the acquiring firm. The organization remains in business today. Shareholders then obtained an additional 2 1/2 times the last market cap through a reverse merger.

This assignment entailed a public company that had endured multiple years of declining revenues and had exhausted its profits to remain in business. It also faced a diminishing customer base both domestically and internationally.

The company was sold to a larger public corporation to be operated as a large division preserving shareholder investment and full employment. Subsequent M&A activity accelerated the growth of the organization which remains in business today.

This assignment involved a company recently purchased out of bankruptcy proceedings. It has lost 70% of its customer base during the 2 prior years and its older product line was under significant competitive pressure and facing a steep decline in value.

With a modest infusion of capital and minimal resources, the firm stopped the bleeding, grew its customer base and developed a new, updated product line. It achieved a leadership position in its niche market and subsequently acquired three of its closest competitors, assuming control of the market.

This assignment was with a first year start-up company that had an excellent concept, more than sufficient financial backing and a ready market, but lacked qualified leadership and management and had no real plans to reach its target destination.

The company grew from 15 employees to more than 300 spanning 4 locations based on two continents and established two joint ventures with Fortune 500 corporations, both of which remain active. Subsequently, the company was profitably merged with a larger firm.

Our assignment was with a company that had doubled in size for three successive years and as a result of its uncontrollable growth, was burning cash excessively and had lost control of its costs. It also lacked management experience at its current levels of revenues, expenses and customers.

In a matter of less than 12 months, the company's costs were brought under control, revenues were grown by nearly 20% and its largest division was sold to a much more substantial competitor. The shareholders recovered their entire investment and retained the company's two other divisions as a viable, stable company.

How you measure success will vary based upon your current positioning and the goals you have set. While each situation, with all its internal and external influences has unique characteristics, having done something before allows you to draw upon that reservoir of experience and relate skills and expertise to the challenges at hand. Contact Us and we can quickly determine the value of working together and the potential return for your Company.