Organization, Approach

Longview Results has provided transition and turnaround leadership to corporate and entrepreneurial ventures including public and private companies. We have transformed complex, struggling businesses into stable, viable and profitable enterprises while building new revenue streams and developing new products and services for markets in the US, Asia and Europe. We have recruited top management teams, enhanced company performance across multiple levels and functions; all while meeting unique organizational, cultural, sales and financial challenges.

There is no viable substitute for experience. The only way you achieve the value and benefit of 10 years' experience is by having done it for 10 years - or - working with those who have.

While Longview Results possesses broad skill sets, we also partner with individuals and their firms whom we have worked with before and have longstanding relationships, in areas where they have a greater concentration of experience and expertise. Specific areas include:

  • Financing / funding for organic growth and M&A activities
  • Business development, sales & marketing for immediate and long-term top line improvement
  • Technology requirements, utilization and value to refine or build systems and processes for sustained success

Our clients reach out to us when they have a dilemma. They range from those approaching bankruptcy where current leadership or ownership is struggling to execute a turnaround; or operating in a stable environment but where management cannot take the organization to the next level through growth of the business. In all cases, our clients have found 'financial experts' are plentiful but their 'organizational leadership and management' expertise is questionable since they have not 'done it' before.

Our approach, always consistent, is to pay attention to the basics, particularly the Business, your Constituencies and Communications, both internal and external. We recognize each situation IS different and no cookie-cutter approach can lead to success. Contact us to learn more.